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Vaping vs Smoking – Which is Better?

Smoking generates harmful chemicals, which can cause lung issues. Many prefer vaping marijuana. Studies show that vaping doesn’t produce as many carcinogens as smoking. Thus, it limits the risks of smoking. There’s a wide range…
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68 Percent Adults Favor Cannabis Legalization Countrywide

Gallup released its latest survey on November 09, 2020. It shows that 68 percent of adults who polled want marijuana legalized in the country. there are about 173.58 million people who actually favor cannabis legalization.…
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Use Cannabis to Alleviate Symptoms of These Conditions

The use of marijuana for medical purposes isn’t new. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, people have been using cannabis for managing a variety of illnesses for about 3000 years. The…
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Is Cannabis a Good Match For Anxiety Disorders?

If I go on to talk about the medical benefits of cannabis, it will take me more than one blog to incorporate everything. From PTSD and anorexia to cancer and insomnia, it can help improve…
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Dark Star: The Strain That Will Eliminate All Your Stress

Gliding through the countryside, it’s hard to ignore that characteristic earthy aroma. While you might be able to pay frequent visits to the forest but ‘Dark Star’ would do it for you. 420 doctors in…
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Redefined Rules For Cannabis Use in the Pandemic

COVID-19’s impact is felt everywhere and cannabis is no different to this change. In the beginning, the nationwide lockdown had kept us safe from exposure to some extent. But now, we are on with our…
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5 Basic Facts About Medical Marijuana That You Should Know

Over a couple of years, cannabis has acquired quite a reputation in the healthcare and medicine sector. If you live in a state where medical cannabis is legal, you must have come across the very…
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How to Consume Marijuana Compounds – Smoking, Vaping & More

Marijuana can help in boosting wellness. That’s why more patients consider it as a natural alternative to opioid medications, anti-anxiety medications, and sleep pills. Currently, medical marijuana is legal in 33 US states. To use…
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Manage diabetes easily with the help of cannabis

As per the CDC report, roughly 100 million Americans are currently living with diabetes. With rising cases, the need to find a viable mode of treatment is much-needed. Well, cannabis presents us with an effective…
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Thinking of Using Marijuana For ADHD? Read This First

Marijuana is a natural medicine, which can help in boosting mental wellness. Research says that its chemical compounds are effective in managing mental illnesses, such as ADHD. Although marijuana is illegal as per federal regulations,…

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