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4 Things That May Prevent You From Getting a Medical Marijuana Card

4 Things That May Prevent You From Getting a Medical Marijuana Card

The rising popularity of the herb among the masses has made the process of getting an MMJ card extremely easy. In most places now, you just need to pass your 420 evaluations, you’ll get the card within minutes. And once you’ve got it, you can go on enjoying the medicinal benefits of marijuana without any trouble.

But now the question is- if getting an MMJ card is so easy, why not everyone is able to get it? We actually come across a lot of people who want a medical marijuana card in Fresno, CA with the same question in mind. And it’s time to find answers.

Well, the experts say that there may be several reasons that may prevent you from getting an MMJ card. In fact, sometimes, even a very small mistake, such as saying something shady to your doctor, can get your application rejected. After all, the herb is still illegal federally.

But then how to make sure you’re doing everything right? When you are applying for an MMJ card for the first time, you perhaps have no idea what’s right and what’s not.

That’s why we are here. In this post, we are going to discuss a few of the top reasons that may get your MMJ application rejected. Just avoid them, and you’ll get your card without any trouble.

What Are The 4 Things That May Prevent You From Getting a Medical Marijuana Card?

You Don’t Have a Qualifying Medical Condition

Not having a qualifying condition is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why people get rejected a medical marijuana card. And there can be two scenarios here.

The first scenario is not having a condition at all. 

See, even the name “medical marijuana card” states that it is for medicinal purposes. And so, if you don’t have a condition, getting the card is not even in question. In this case, you should not actually even bother applying for it.

But in the alternate scenario, things are a little complex. Here, you do have a condition but you still get rejected. And this is where most people get confused. So, let’s understand what’s happening.

See, as I said before, cannabis is still illegal at the federal level. And the states where it is legal has their own individual marijuana programs. Due to this, the laws regarding the legality of the herb are different in different states, which include qualifying conditions too. Having said that, you may get rejected even if you have a condition if that condition doesn’t qualify you for the card in your particular state.

In short, before you visit a medical marijuana clinic, make sure the condition you have makes you eligible for an MMJ card in your state.

Felony Charges in The Past

Do you have any prior felony charges? If yes, it can be a problem. 

There are many states where the laws do not allow people with prior felony charges to work in the marijuana industry. And the rules are even stricter for those who were convicted with drug-related charges. 

Though this is not the same in the case of issuing medical marijuana cards in most states, there are places that have the same rules in case of MMJ recommendations too.

Having said that, if you have been convicted in the past, it would perhaps be better to check your state’s laws before visiting a medical marijuana clinic. It’s also worth mentioning that even in states with this law, a lot depends on the individual case. For instance, if your conviction was marijuana-related, but you were trying to obtain it for medical purposes only, you may be granted leeway. So, check the laws in your state carefully.

Errors While Filling Out Application

Errors on your application form or giving out wrong information can also be major reasons for the denial of your request for an MMJ card.  Here are a few things that you may do wrong while filling out your MMJ application form:

  • Providing Incorrect information.
  • Not providing a part or all of the required information.
  • Making corrections by writing over the existing information.
  • Improper or unmatching signatures.
  • Not submitting all the necessary documents.
  • Submitting outdated forms.
  • Applicant not a resident of the state.
  • Fake physician recommendation while applying on the government website (in some states).

You should keep in mind that getting a medical marijuana card is a serious business in the states where the herb is legal. Also, if you are rejected once, during your second application, there’s a chance you’ll be checked even more strictly. Considering this, you should make sure you fill your application form correctly in your first time only.

You Are Not of Age

Have everything right but still got rejected for a medical marijuana card in Fresno, CA? You perhaps are not of legal age.

In all the states where medical marijuana is legal, there is a lower limit on the age at which you can get an MMJ card. And in perhaps all places, this limit is the same, i.e. 18 years. So, unless you are 18 or above, you cannot get an MMJ card anywhere in the US.

But is there no way of using cannabis as a minor?

Well, there is one way. In most legal states, a minor can use cannabis as a medicine. But for that, they need to have a caregiver who is above 21. A caregiver, who is usually a parent or any other relative, can apply for an MMJ card on behalf of the minor. And they are responsible for buying products for them and giving them the right dosage. 

What to do if Your MMJ Card Application is Rejected?

Got a rejection on your MMJ application? Let’s see what options do you have now.

You already know the major reasons for the rejection of an MMJ application. So, now, it’s time to make improvements. In most states, the authorities provide you with the reason for your rejection in your rejection mail. If this is the case with you, you are already one step ahead. Just work on making the required changes and reapply. But in other cases, you may need to look back and think of what went wrong. If you face any problems finding the reason, just go through the list above once again. 

In some instances, though, where you are rejected during the evaluations only, there is a chance of your doctor being against the use of cannabis. So, if you don’t find any other reason for your rejection, this might be it. And in this case, you should just switch your doctor.

Once you have your reason and you have corrected your mistake, you can apply for the card once again. In some states, after your rejection, you have a window of a few days to apply again. The number of days may vary as per the state. Just try to stay within that window to keep your chances of acceptance high.

Final Words

No doubt, the process of getting an MMJ card is very simple. In most states, you just need to pass a simple 420 evaluation, and you can get the card without any trouble. But many times, even some small things can become huge roadblocks in your path. The above, as you can see, are a few of the most common reasons for the rejection of an MMJ application. 

Marijuana, you must not forget, is still a Schedule-I drug at the federal level. And thus, the laws around the substance, even in legal states, are very strict. Having said that, while applying for an MMJ card, you need to make sure you are aware of the rules in your own state. And you should follow them as they are. If you do it correctly, there’s little chance you’ll have to face any trouble during the process.

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