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Vaping vs Smoking – Which is Better?

Vaping vs Smoking - Which is Better?

Smoking generates harmful chemicals, which can cause lung issues. Many prefer vaping marijuana. Studies show that vaping doesn’t produce as many carcinogens as smoking. Thus, it limits the risks of smoking. There’s a wide range of vaporizers available. By getting a rec from 420 doctors Fresno, you can legally purchase flowers and concentrates from licensed dispensaries.

So, how is cannabis processed in the body when you vape it? Is it safer than smoking? Let’s discuss.

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What is Vaping?

Vaping is a cannabis consumption method that has gained popularity in the past years. It involves extracting the active ingredients of marijuana by heating it at a low temperature. The ingredients are released in the form of vapors, which can be inhaled through the lungs. In other words, the cannabis compounds reach directly into the bloodstream, thus delivering instant medicinal effects.

A vaporizer is a device used for converting marijuana into vapors. In the market, you can find vaporizers in different styles, shapes, and sizes. Modern vape pens are portable devices with benefits such as easy to dose, money-saving, etc. Different parts of a vape pen are—battery, atomizer, cartridge, and mouthpiece.

Vaping vs Smoking

The major difference between the two methods is how cannabinoids are released. When you vape marijuana, cannabis is heated at a low temperature, just to extract active ingredients such as THC and CBD.

On the other hand, smoking involves the combustion of the substance, which generates harmful chemicals along with the smoke. This increases the risks of lung damage and various other health issues. According to a 2005 epidemiologic review, cannabis smoke contains the same cancer-causing chemicals as cigarette smoke. 

Since vaping occurs at a low temperature, it can preserve the heat-sensitive ingredients, thus increasing the medicinal potential of the herb.

Is there any difference in the rate of high caused by smoking and vaping? In 2007, the University of California, San Francisco conducted a study to evaluate it. The UCSF researchers reported that the smokeless vaping device provides the same level of THC and delivers the same effect as smoking marijuana. However, they opted for vaping due to limited health risks.

What are the long-term effects of smoking and vaping? Well, the CDC says that smoking can lead to side-effects, such as asthma attacks, impaired immune system function, reduced sperm counts, and increased risks of stroke, cataracts, etc.

On the other hand, vaping long-term effects are lung damage, weak immune system, impairment in brain development in children, etc.

Vaping is Safer

Vaping limits the release of harmful chemicals, so it’s safer than smoking. According to the American Lung Association, smoke (no matter the source, whether it’s from burning wood, tobacco, or marijuana) contains carcinogens and toxins, which can damage the lungs. Even, secondhand smoke can lead to various health problems, especially to vulnerable children.

Some medical professionals believe that vaping is linked to damaging blood vessels. Additionally, in the market, there exist a number of vaping cartridges, which aren’t tested, thus they can cause health issues.

So, we recommend you to purchase only high-quality vaping products. Prefer using vaporizers that come with temperature control features, so that you can adjust the release of cannabinoids for a better vaping experience.

How to Get an MMJ Card Online?

If you want to buy high-potency flowers, concentrates or other vaping products legally, you need an MMJ card. The card shows that you want to use marijuana for managing your condition, not recreationally.

You can apply for a new card or renew MMJ card online. The process is very simple-

  1. Fill a simple form
  2. See a doctor online
  3. Receive MMJ recs in PDF format via email

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Final Thoughts

Vaping is getting popular as a safe cannabis consumption method. Unlike smoking, it limits the generation of toxins and carcinogens, which causes lung damage and various other health issues. Studies show that vaping helps in preserving the original taste of marijuana, and delivers more potent effects.

Modern technology vape pens are portable devices that are easy to operate and handle. By selecting the right temperature, you can adjust the release of cannabinoids, thus receiving the desired health benefits.
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