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6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Using Cannabis

6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Using Cannabis

Cannabis has come a long way from being called a gateway drug to becoming one of the important aspects of healthcare. With all the recent research and developments, it has become quite evident that cannabis can be more than just a recreational drug. Proof of which lies in the increase in the number of states with legal cannabis and the use of telemedicine to provide medical marijuana services like cannabis home deliveries and getting an MMJ recommendation

With all the buzz and ever-rising popularity about the benefits of cannabis and the legal issues easing around the green buds, did you ever consider using it? Trying it for yourself and experiencing what the buzz is about. And testing if it really works or not. If yes, then let me help you make a start. 

Before you enter a dispensary to make a purchase or sit for a consultation for a medical card, you need to ask yourself a few important questions to have a smooth experience.  So let’s walk through these questions one by one. 

Are you using it medically? 

Before you start your cannabis journey, you must first decide if you’ll be using it medically or recreationally. It is important to make a decision because this step determines your course ahead. 

If you decide to use medical cannabis, you’ll first have to apply for an MMJ card in Fresno. Getting a medical card registers you with the state as a legit medical cannabis consumer. You’ll be able to take advantage of all the privileges like exemption of sales and use tax, access to an array of high THC strains and products and legal security for buying, using and growing cannabis. Also, if you are using cannabis for your medical condition, you’ll need to have a consultation with a professional doctor who will guide you through the important points of your cannabis treatment like correct dose, strains, safety measures etc. just remember to check the medical conditions that qualify for a medical card in your state. 

For using recreational cannabis, you don’t need a medical cannabis card. You can use your state-issued ID proof to make a purchase and consume cannabis legally. However, if your state hasn’t legalized recreational cannabis, buying or using marijuana will be considered a felony. In the state of California, both medical and recreational cannabis is legalized so you have nothing to worry about. 

What effects are you looking for?

Cannabis is effective. There is no doubt about that. But if you aren’t sure what effects you are looking for, you would not be able to tell a difference. So before visiting a dispensary or finalizing your order online, take time to think, what effects do you want?

For example, if you are using it medically, do you want to treat a condition? Cannabis has several health benefits. It is anti-inflammatory, antiemetic, pain-relieving, has sedative effects and even calms the mind. Figure out which property will help your condition and choose a strain and delivery method accordingly. 

Likewise for recreational cannabis, do you wish to use cannabis for a couch-locking high or to calm your mind? Depending on the effects you desire, you’ll be able to make other choices and also figure out if cannabis really worked or not. 

How potent do you want the effects to be?

Cannabis contains several different chemicals like cannabinoids, terpenes, cannabinoid acids, flavonoids, antioxidants etc. Each of these chemicals deliver an array of therapeutic benefits. But the most characteristic effect of cannabis that most people wish to experience is the ‘euphoric high’ caused by tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. It is present in different cannabis strains and products in varying amounts. A high THC content means a more potent high, a low THC content will deliver you the benefits but without any high. Your cannabis high is also dependent on the way you consume it. For example, edibles deliver more potent effects than a joint or a vape pen. 

So depending on whether you wish to experience the euphoric high or not, you can choose the strains and delivery methods and control the potency of your effects. 

How long do you want the onset time and duration to be?

Determining the duration and onset of your cannabis experience is important to figure out the right dosage as well as the delivery methods for yourself. 

If you are looking to experience a longer period of effects, you would either have to increase your dosage or choose a delivery method that delivers long lasting effects. Edibles are known to show effects on the body that can last anywhere from six to eight hours. In comparison to inhaled cannabis that lasts for a maximum of 4 hours, edibles can be a great choice. 

The onset time refers to the time it takes for cannabis to kick in and start showing effects on the body. Some delivery methods work faster than others. Take edibles and joints for instance. Edibles take about 30 minutes to 4 hours just to make its way to the bloodstream and show effects. Joints, on the other hand, show effect just as instantly as you inhale your first drag. So if you are one who needs immediate relief from anxiety or pain, choose the methods that have a quick onset time like sublingual strips, joints, vape pens etc. If you are fine with slow onset or gradual increase of effects, choose edibles or even transdermal patches.

Do you prefer discreetness?

Not everyone is comfortable being open about using cannabis medically or recreationally. Or the need for discreetness can also be due to the people you live with or your profession. So if you are one you prefer privacy, choose the cannabis type accordingly. You should avoid delivery methods that involve smoke like joints, vaping, dabbing etc. It can be really hard to mask the smoke and it will give away that you just came back from a session. 

Using cannabis in other ways like with a transdermal patch is more discreet. You apply it to one of your venous areas and you are good to go. 

How do you want to consume cannabis?

You can consume cannabis in a dozen different ways. There are edibles, transdermal patches, topicals, tinctures and the good old rolled up joint. But you cannot use all these methods. A choice has to be made. And how do you do that? It has to be in accordance with all the factors we have discussed above. 

Each delivery method for cannabis is processed in the body differently. For example, a joint is processed by the respiratory system whereas the edibles are processed by the digestive system. The ultimate goal of each method is to deliver the cannabinoids and other chemical components of cannabis to the CB receptors. However, the way it is delivered is what decides whether it’s onset will be short or long, if the effects will last long or not or the level of potency of the effects. 

So once you have figured out the factors I’ve discussed above, you’ll be able to choose a delivery method that’ll suit you best. And also have a better idea about the product you should use for the best cannabis experience.

Were you able to answer all these questions? Don’t worry, take our time. And once you have all the answers, feel free to start your cannabis journey. 

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