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Cannabis Can Help You Exercise More Effectively-Says Experts

These crucial times have made us all realize the importance of a good immune system. The reason why this whole self-care thing has become popular. People are cycling, running laps in the park, and trying their best to keep themselves healthy. But, when we talk about a healthy body, different things come to our mind. For instance, maximizing a runner’s high or finding a formula to exercise more effectively.

To be honest, there’s no sure-shot formula, but experts say working out with marijuana can help you exercise efficiently. Whether you’re an evening jogger, cardio enthusiast, or a gym fan, cannabis can help you enjoy your workout session a lot more than usual.

Experts View On Cannabis And Exercise

Experts think that cannabis responds well to inflammation. And inflammation caused due to intense workout sessions may hinder the exercise regimen. However, when you exercise with cannabis, it can help reduce the inflammation response. Not only this but a study published in the Journal of Science and Medicine in 2017, revealed that cannabis may be good for keeping the mind in the game.   

The study went on to say that people find workouts exhausting because of how they perceive it. They become mentally fatigued even before the workout session begins. In other words, if you start feeling that your workout is difficult, it will be hard for you to stay motivated. The reason why some experts think that it is not bad to use cannabis before a workout session. You see, the high associated with cannabis high will enable you to concentrate on the exercise routine. In addition, you will feel more relaxed. Although you might be wondering how. Read on to find out.

What Is The Link Between Exercise And Cannabis

People consume cannabis to derive significant benefits. And we all know that cannabis is therapeutic in nature. This means that cannabis, especially CBD can help improve your fitness routine. Here’s why.

Decreased Inflammation

Cannabis is known for its anti-inflammatory effects. If you use CBD, it will help activate anti-inflammatory agents. Which, in turn, inhibits cell proliferation causing the muscles to swell. In other words, cannabis interacts with the receptors in the body. And cause the inflammation response. This is the reason why most people use CBD as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Improved Digestion

I am sure you are well aware of the term munchies. You might have often heard it from friends who consume marijuana. Or else seen people gulping a bowl of salad instantly after a smoking session. Well, we have known this for decades that cannabis causes munchies. And, an increase in munchies indicates a good appetite. But here’s the trick. The munchies are caused by THC. On the other hand, CBD protects you from the side effects of stomach acid. This means that CBD can control the bouts of vomiting and nausea while also reducing gastrointestinal inflammation. All in all, CBD can improve digestion. Which means that you can put the protein shake to good use.

High Metabolic Rate

CBD could help improve the activities of mitochondria. Simply put, CBD will increase your concentration. As a result, your body will burn more calories without feeling an urge to fill your stomach. After all, CBD does not give you munchies and could come handy when you want to feel full with less.

In addition, CBD also reduces blood glucose levels. A study published in the American Journal of Medicine looked at the effects of cannabis on insulin. The study found out that cannabis users had 17% less insulin resistance levels than people who didn’t use cannabis. And the good news is when your body is resistant to insulin levels you can burn fat easily. Now, you know why CBD is good for your body. And how it can help increase the exercise flow. But, here’s something important you need to keep in mind. For instance, the dosing guide and how much cannabis you should consume for best results.

How Much CBD Is Best For Working Out?

CBD affects each individual differently. This is to say that a certain dose may work for you while it may not work for the others. Let me give you an example. A 2017 study, examined the dose of cannabis given to patients suffering from multiple sclerosis. The results revealed that patients tolerated a dose of 1500mg per day. And you should know that multiple sclerosis patients use the highest CBD dose. This also means that every medical condition requires a specific dose. So, your best dose for workouts can start from 5mg CBD a day. You can increase the dose gradually with time. However, you should stick to the dose that works sufficiently well for you.

Should I Consume CBD Pre Or Post Workout?         

Cannabis is made out of several components. The well-known compounds- THC and CBD are widely used and acknowledged. Although when it comes to workouts you can use CBD anytime. As far as THC is concerned, you must use it before or after the workout sessions. Because working out stoned can reduce your productivity. Also, existing literature on cannabidiol timing does not provide concrete proof. So, you have to mostly experiment with the dose. For example, a CBD infused balm can help reduce tension before the work out session begins. Similarly, CBD oil may help reduce inflammation if you take it after an intense workout session.

Ideally, experts think that consuming cannabis after exercise is the best thing to do. But pre cannabis consumption can help you focus better. This is to say, you have to ingest cannabis into your routine. Find what works best for you. Then switch to the same routine until it provides effective results.

Does CBD After Workout Makes Sense?

After stating all the facts and studies. We can arrive at one conclusion that CBD’s main aim is to provide relief from pain and inflammation. So, it makes sense to use CBD or any other cannabis products after workout sessions. Usually, workout sessions cause sore muscles and short-term inflammation. If that is the case with you. CBD after exercise is your best bet.

For the same, you can try CBD oil, tinctures, or a topical. These products will help you enjoy exercise while the pain subsides gradually. Also, make sure that you apply CBD to the area that’s hurting or swollen. Applying CBD infused cream to any other area may cause a reaction.

Final Thoughts

It is safe to say that CBD can help improve your work out sessions. However, it depends on the athlete. Or else a routine you generally practice. You can use any CBD infused product to help enhance your performance. The only thing that you need to be wary of – start with a small dose. Do not take an extra dose and consume CBD under medical supervision. And if you are looking to use any THC products then a cannabis doctor can help you in this case. You get a recommendation, or a cannabis card renewal for effective cannabis use.

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