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Dark Star: The Strain That Will Eliminate All Your Stress

Dark Star: The Strain That Will Eliminate All Your Stress

Gliding through the countryside, it’s hard to ignore that characteristic earthy aroma. While you might be able to pay frequent visits to the forest but ‘Dark Star’ would do it for you. 420 doctors in Fresno recommend this strain for a truly enjoyable experience. If you break open a dense flower, you’ll feel that fresh scent of forest earth. The sweet aroma teases your nose and makes you ask for more. 

Dark Star’s High is Soothing

Each cannabis strain is different. Some are euphoric and giggly while others are more slow-paced and mild. Dark Star falls in the second category inducing a slow and relaxing high. You might feel the initial pungent taste but relaxation gradually spreads through your chest and limbs. This strain can be best described as a sedative that gets you better sleep and relaxes you to the core. You’ll feel your eyes dipping into a deep zone of bliss as all your stress fades away. This makes Dark Star an ideal strain for the night 

The psychoactive presence of THC produces long-lasting effects on your body. Dark Star does not produce instant effects. Instead, it acts slowly and allows you to take your route towards happiness. 


T.H. Seeds hold the credit for breeding the soothing Dark Star strain. It is a great strain for growing in mild and wet climates. As a result, it is resistant to mold and mildew. It’s a cross between Mazar I Sharif and Purple Kush packing a heavy dose of Indica genetics. This makes Dark Star a perfect sedative with the couch-locking effects. It features a dense bud structure and purple color that keeps it very close to its texture. Purple Kush is mainly a Californian Strain while Mazar I Sharif traces its roots back to Afghanistan. 

When these strains were crossed, we got hands to this potent strain with high yield and the presence of rich trichomes. According to lab tests, Dark Star has THC content upwards of 16 percent

Dark Star Benefits  

It’s a known fact that cannabis is not just about the presence of THC. There are a lot of endocannabinoids and terpenes that combine to produce characteristic effects on the body. The Dark Star is rich in two terpenes beta-caryophyllene and myrcene. Beta-caryophyllene produces a pepper-like aroma that has relaxing and anxiolytic effects on the body. If we talk about Myrcene, it is a common part of the lemongrass and produces hypnotic and muscle-relaxing effects. 

With the combined effect of these two terpenes, Dark Star offers a perfect remedy for physical and mental stress. What’s the best time to take it? We would say that it’s evening. 

420 Doctors in Fresno Can Give You Better Insight

You might be tempted to try this strain but you should understand that cannabis produces different effects on each individual. A lot depends on the tolerance and experience one holds with cannabis. For seasoned cannabis users, it’s not a big deal as their tolerance is high. Well, beginners need to be a bit careful because they are not aware of how their body will react to cannabis. So, it’s a good idea to take the doctor’s advice. He or she can provide you with a dose based on the analysis of your health. 

You can even ask specific questions related to Dark Star. The doctor can give you better insight into the terpene profile and allow you to dive into the full benefit that the strain offers. If you are battling a health condition, the doctor will inform you about using the right approach towards the betterment of your health. Along with this, the doctor will suggest the right dose that will work for your body. 

On the other hand, if the evaluation is successful, you can get the right to own a medical marijuana card. You can use it to purchase the herb legally from a state-certified dispensary. If by chance, your card is about to expire, you can renew MMJ card with great ease. Most clinics require you to contact them 30 days before the expiry. The process is relatively simple and is not much of a hassle. 

Get your mmj card renewal on time and extend your validity by another year. Plus, explore the dispensaries and find Dark Star to dive into lasting bliss. 

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