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How To Safely Use Cannabis During The Pandemic?

How To Safely Use Cannabis During The Pandemic?

Even after ease in lock-down restrictions, government and health officials continue to request people to maintain social distance. The spread of the illness is on the rise and people still continue to maintain a semblance of normal life. For some consuming cannabis has become a daily ritual because it helps calm their nerves. While for others, getting back to daily rituals is a new sign of positivity and normalcy. 

However, the most interesting fact is that according to 2019 data, 3.7 million people consume medical cannabis. This also means that a large no. of patients rely on medical marijuana for their medical treatment. Given the fact that cannabis use has grown since the past few months, it becomes even more vital for cannabis patients to use cannabis safely during these crucial times. And we will help you learn how to use marijuana safely while navigating through the pandemic. But first, let’s learn what could possibly go wrong with cannabis use during these crucial times.

Cannabis Intake During The Pandemic

Cannabis is consumed in various forms. One of the favorite and most commonly used forms are smoking and vaping. You might say that I smoke cannabis for medical reasons or simply because it helps you stay calm. Especially when you are stuck within the confines of your home. And the best part is that if you use a medical cannabis recommendation to avail of cannabis from state-licensed dispensaries, there should be nothing wrong with consuming cannabis privately. 

However, here’s the trick. We all know a lot of things about the novel coronavirus by now. And you must be aware of the fact that the COVID-19 virus is a respiratory illness. This means that it affects the lungs and smoking can cause the lungs and respiratory tract to weaken over time. Not only this but if you regularly smoke cannabis, it puts you at high risk. After all people with underlying respiratory conditions are vulnerable to the illnesses caused by the coronavirus. This also means that they have less chance at a speedy recovery. In fact, it might also prove fatal in severe cases. 


To make the point more clear, here’s a report that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. According to this study, patients with smoking history are more susceptible to suffer from severe illnesses than patients who do not smoke. Also, smoking causes the lungs and the immune system to weaken. Which, in turn, is a bad sign for patients who have the coronavirus. Not only this but smoking has been listed as one of the major factors that cause the patient with the coronavirus to become severely ill over a certain span of time. The reason why you should quit smoking cannabis and look for alternatives to meet your medical requirements. 

Ways To Safely Consume Cannabis During The Pandemic

As we all know that the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention suggests people to maintain at least 6 feet distance. This is to say that you have to consume cannabis safely while keeping the social distancing guidelines in mind. To begin with, you can start by quitting smoking or vaping cannabis. If you do so, you are already one step ahead in the fight against the coronavirus. Also, below are listed some of the secure ways to consume marijuana. 

Switch To Alternative Forms Of Consumption 

Instead of smoking or vaping you can simply switch to edibles or other forms of consumption. For instance, oils, tinctures, sublingual, tablets, and any other non-inhalable forms. So, make sure you keep these alternatives in mind every time you feel like reaching out for a lighter. You can simply walk up to the kitchen. Infuse your favorite stain with your favorite food and savor the dish in front of your TV. Also, don’t forget to keep one more thing in mind. Cannabis edibles are highly potent. 

This is to say that you have to start small and wait for the edibles to show their full potential. In other words, be patients and add a small amount into your food item. For other forms of consumption, you can simply stick to your medical cannabis recommendation in Fresno and the advised dose. This will help you experience the effects of medical marijuana at its best potential without any side effects. 

In addition, if you are a recreational user, it might be difficult for you to quit smoking. Particularly when you have been smoking for a long time. In that case, you have to make sure that you are staying safe at home. As far as joint sessions are concerned you can simply do them over a video call. Although it is best if you try and quit smoking until the coronavirus situation completely subsides. 

Take Necessary Precautions

Besides quitting smoking and vaping, here’s what you need to do. Ensure that you wash your hand every time after picking up a curbside delivery or coming back from a dispensary. You can also check in with the dispensary and see if they provide home-deliveries. If they do, ordering cannabis is a much safer option. But, don’t forget to sanitize your package before opening it for use. You can also leave the package in a safe place for a week as a precautionary method. However, it is also vital to note that the coronavirus can survive on cardboard surfaces for 24 hours. And on plastic, the virus can survive for up to 3-4 days. So, make sure that you sanitize your delivered package with alcohol-based cleaner and you will be good to go. Most importantly, wash your hands and keep the package out of the reach of children.

Outside of general sanitization practices, make sure that you purchase your cannabis from the right source. State license medical marijuana dispensaries have high quality and affordable cannabis products. This means that you can opt for a licensed state dispensary. Or else purchase your strain of cannabis product from a trustworthy source. In my personal opinion, any nearby licensed dispensary will help you avail of good quality products. If you buy your cannabis from trustworthy dispensaries, you will always be at ease of mind. 

Final Thoughts

Let’s face it, we are navigating through uncharted waters. Social distancing and basic sanitation practices can help us curb the spread of the coronavirus. And we can do the same by following the above-mentioned safe cannabis consuming practices. Also, until a cure or a vaccine is out it is safe to adjust to these changes. This will help you stay safe from the dangers knocking at your door. So, ensure that you follow precautionary measures while consuming cannabis safely inside the comfort of your home. 

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