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Is Cannabis a Good Match For Anxiety Disorders?

Is Cannabis a Good Match For Anxiety Disorders?

If I go on to talk about the medical benefits of cannabis, it will take me more than one blog to incorporate everything. From PTSD and anorexia to cancer and insomnia, it can help improve more than a dozen different health conditions. It leaves no doubt that cannabis is a medical aid that we desperately needed. 

Among the long list of medical conditions that find relief with cannabis, anxiety disorders take the top positions. Millions across the globe find cannabis to be a great relief from anxiety. But at the same time, there are people who observe that their condition becomes worse after a cannabis session. So, what is the truth? Let’s find out. 

Can Cannabis Relieve Your Anxiety?

Yes. Cannabis is a very effective medication for people suffering from severe anxiety. In fact, anxiety is one of the most common ailments for which cannabis is used as a treatment.

Most patients who have used medical marijurna for anxiety disorders report feeling a sense of calm and relaxation. As many as 93.5 percent of people feel their anxiety levels lowering after consuming cannabis. 

So, how does cannabis work? The answer lies in the endocannabinoid system or ECS. 

The body experiences the therapeutic effects of cannabis because of the endocannabinoid system.  It is made up of hundreds of CB receptors spread all across the body. The cannabinoids, especially THC, activate these CB receptors and stimulate several changes that the patients experience as therapeutic. 

In the case of severe anxiety, the cannabinoids interact with a number of systems including the ECS. The ECS has been linked to creating a balance in behavioural outcomes such as fear, anxiety, stress etc. The body feels a state of calm and content after the activation of the CB receptors that further leads to an increase in levels of dopamine. 

So, it is a great option to use cannabis to calm your nerves and not feel unnecessary anxiety. 

Cannabis Can Worsen Your Anxiety Too

While it’s true that cannabis can help soothe anxiety, it is equally true that cannabis can worsen the situation for you too. This difference in effects is primarily because of the amount of cannabis consumed by a patient.

Cannabis delivers biphasic effects. This means that a low dose of cannabis is therapeutic and lower the anxiety levels of a patient. But using a higher amount can increase the anxiety and make the situation intolerable for the patient. 

In some cases, cannabis consumption can develop increased heart rate, racing thoughts, sweating, brain fog and lack of sleep. These factors are similar to that of an anxiety attack and make the entire situation worse for the patient. This is why it is very important to have expert guidance before using cannabis or any medication to treat yourself. 

What is the Solution?

Now, if cannabis can improve as well as worsen anxiety, what should you do? Well, thankfully, there is a solution. It is called microdosing. 

Also known as the titration process, microdosing is the practice of figuring out the right dose of cannabis by using small amounts at a time. If you wish to practice microdosing, start by a small amount as recommended by your 420 doctors Fresno and observe the effects. If the effects are mild or strong, you can increase or decrease the amount slowly as per your requirement. 

So, in simple words, cannabis treatment for anxiety is very dose-dependent. Stick to a small dose if you wish to experience the benefits of medical marijuana for anxiety disorders. 


So, are cannabis and anxiety a good match? The answer is a conditional yes. As long as you are aware of your right dose and the safe ways to use cannabis, you will not have a problem. But, remember to have a consultation with a doctor to understand if cannabis treatment will suit you or not. Visit your nearest doctor or get your recommendation online. Also, don’t forget to renew MMJ card after the expiry date if you wish to keep benefiting from the benefits of cannabis for your anxiety disorder.

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